Is your cars paintwork affected by tree sap or tar spots? Can you feel tiny lumps & marks when you rub your hand over your clean car?


Squeaky Lee's clay bar kit will quickly and safely restore the factory 'smooth-as-glass' finish! It will remove the contamination that makes your paint's finish 'gritty' and lacklustre.


The kit Includes everything you need for excellent results.


  • A large (180g) medium-fine clay bar, suitable for removing varying levels of contamination
  • 500ml of Our Dynamic Quick Detailer - the perfect clay bar lubricant

We recommend the following process is followed for the best results:


  • Use our Citrus Pre-Wash to loosen dirt and traffic grime
  • Wash & dry car
  • Use clay bar kit (details below)
  • Polish & Seal using our All-in-One Perfect Polish and Si02 Ceramic Shine Sealant


To use clay bar:

  1. Spray panel liberally with Dynamic Quick detailer
  2. Rub clay bar with light to medium pressure across paint, chrome & glass to remove contaminants
  3. If required, stretch & fold clay bar to leave a clean surface and continue working
  4. Buff with clean microfibre to remove any residue


Important notes:


  • If clay bar is dropped on the ground, discard immediately as grit can become embedded and will damage paintwork etc.
  • Do not use without lubricant
  • Never use on clear plastic such as headlight lenses

Clay Bar Kit

  • Restore the factory 'smooth-as-glass' finish to your paintwork

    Safely removes bonded contaminates such as:

    • Tree sap
    • Tar
    • Overspray
    • General road contamination