Love to see water beading on your pride and joy? Look no further! The hybrid technology in this spray-on, wipe-off detailer leaves a super slick, sealed finish on external automotive materials.


With the latest in Sio2 ceramic infusion, it is a detailing spray that offers incredible gloss and protection all from a single application. Sealing shine and providing an amazing hydrophobic property to paintwork, glass, plastic or metal for months.

Excellent water repellency and durability mean it can be used as a short term spray sealant with durability of 6-8 weeks being easily achieved per single application. Applying more layers of Sio2 Infused Ceramic Shine Sealant will produce extended durability.

Sio2 Infused Ceramic Shine Sealant

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  • 500ml bottle
    Sio2 Infused Technology
    Ultra High Gloss
    Extremely Hydrophobic
    Use Standalone or as Easy Top-up to Wax
    Use on Paintwork, Plastic, Glass or Metals