Carnauba Wax is the hardest natural wax on the planet. It's been used for around 100 years on car paint, as its deep gloss simply cannot be beaten!


The Carnauba Kit is a discounted deal on our hard wax and Spray wax. The hard wax should be applied roughly three times per year, with the spray wax used as a quick & easy top-up, more regularly.


Used together, these two products will give maximum protection against UV rays and ensures your paintwork stays at its absolute best.


Squeaky Lee's Vanilla Ice-cream Carnauba Wax combines a high volume of top-grade T1 carnauba and Vanilla extract oils, blended with organic coconut and carefully selected citrus oils to create a brilliant, deep, glossy finish.


The hard wax is easy to apply and has extremely great durability of around 3-4 months. It also smells incredible! The spray wax can be used on paint, trim, metal, and glass - so easy!


Specially designed to enhance your vehicle's paintwork, offering a 'wet-look' gloss finish on the lines and angles of your bodywork. These products bring out the metallic 'fleck' in your paintwork plus providing tight beading and good water sheeting behaviour.


In summary, the best your paintwork can get!

The Carnauba Kit

£39.90 Regular Price
£33.92Sale Price
  • Hard Wax:

    100ml Jar
    High Gloss, deep wet-look shine
    High Spec Blend with T1 grade Carnauba and specialist oils

    Spray Wax:

    500ml bottle
    Non-Smear Application
    Use on Paintwork, Plastic, or Metal