This kit is the perfect collection to bring your interior back to pristine condition - Clean, dress & refresh!

Total All-Purpose Cleaner is perfect for removing dirt from all areas of your car. It is suitable for most surfaces including paint, plastics, vinyl, carpets - the list goes on!


Tough on all dirt including nicotine staining, oil stains, general dirt & grime.


Silk Interior Plastic Dressing is a wipe on liquid dressing specially formulated for interior use. It enhances the appearance of car interiors and is perfect for use on dashboards, plastic, vinyl, wood trims and other polished surfaces, leaving a long-lasting, dirt repelling, silky finish and a pleasant coconut fragrance.


Squeaky Lee's Sweet Treat Air Freshener spray is an efficetive and long lasting frangrance designed to mask bad odors and unwanted smells in your car's interior.


The delicious sweet smell refreshes stale air and the thin 250ml bottle is perfect for storing in your glove compartment. Simply spray into the air/footwells to leave your car smelling amazing! 

The Interior Kit

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  • Total All Purpose Cleaner:

    500ml bottle
    Perfect for most surfaces
    Interior or exterior

    Silk Interior Plastic Dressing

    500ml bottle
    Factory Silk Finish
    Long Lasting
    Repels Dust & Dirt
    Use on all Interior Plastic, Vinyl, Wood,
    Dashboard/Fascia and other Polished Surfaces

    Sweet Treat Air Freshener:

    250ml Bottle
    Strong Deodorising Action
    Freshens Stale Air
    Masks Bad Odours
    Handy Glovebox Size