The Show kit gives you two fantastic products along with top-quality applicators! Perfect for removing light dirt/dust after driving to a show, and dressing the tyres to finish the look.


500ml Dynamic Quick Detailer


Removes light dirt, fingerprints, restores shine and leaves a layer of hydrophobic protection on your pride & joy. Use this on all exterior surfaces, including paintwork, rubber, plastic, chrome, carbon fibre and glass.


Perfect for whizzing over your car after driving it to a show, and it's fruity fragrance is amazing!!


500ml Ultimate Tyre Dressing


This unique blend of solvents, oils & waxes leaves your tyres a rich black and well protected from the elements. It is easy to apply and swiftly restores tyres back to a rich black, leaving a beautiful, water resistant sheen.


This product is supplied in a large topped bottle for ease of use. Whether you are using a cloth to apply to trim, or a detailing brush or sponge to apply to tyres the large necked bottle is perfect! 




Premium 40x40cm Microfibre Cloth 300gsm 


These warp knitted high polyamide content cloths are very soft and ideal for use on sensitive surfaces.


Perfect for all automotive jobs including interior and exterior uses.


Ideal for cleaning, drying, application of polishes, detailing sprays, shine sealant, rubber & plastic dressings. The list of uses is endless and this 40cm square cloth is perfect for them all!


Tyre Dressing Applicator Sponge


These tyre dressing applicator pads are designed to ensure even coverage of our range tyre dressings. The waffle surface helps to prevent product waste and ensures a perfectly even coverage with a superb finish! The contoured grip helps to ensure you can direct the product exactly where needed with ease.


This applicator works well on tyre sidewalls as well as trim and wheelarches. It has extra deep handled grooves to stop the product going all over your fingers!

The Show Kit

£25.97 Regular Price
£22.99Sale Price

    Dynamic Quick Detailer:

    500ml bottle
    Glossy & Highly Durable Finish
    Extremely Hydrophobic
    Fruity fragrance
    Use on Paintwork, Plastic, or Metal
    Use on Exterior or Interior


    Ultimate Tyre Dressing:

    500ml bottle
    Gloss or Semi-Gloss Finish
    Unique Blend of Waxes, Oils & Solvents
    Fully Weather Resistant
    Protects Against Dust, Traffic Film & Pollution
    Restores & Helps Prevent Staining and Fading