All-in-One Perfect Polish is a highly durable polish which uses advanced surface technologies to give extreme performance and durability. It enhances the paintworks depth of colour, along with adding lustre to your vehicle with a combination of ground breaking surface reactive technologies and the highest grade carnauba wax to seal the shine. It is perfect for easy restoration of swirl marks and dull paintwork.


It is easy to apply and remove, but results in a glossy finish that is hydrophobic in nature, and is durable to weathering and has a high level of detergent resistance.


We recommend using All-in-One Perfect Polish every few months to keep your paintwork in tip-top condition.


Use Squeaky Lee's Sio2 Infused Ceramic Shine Sealant in intermediate washes for the perfect paint finish after every wash.

All-in-One Perfect Polish

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  • 250ml Bottle
    Removes Paint Swirl Marks
    Blended with Carnauba Wax
    Superb High Gloss & Paint Protection
    Easy On, Easy Off Application