Squeaky Lee's Dynamic Quick Detailer removes light dirt, restores shine and leaves a layer of hydrophobic protection on your pride & joy.


It is a fantastic maintenance product for all exterior surfaces, including paintwork, rubber, plastic, chrome, carbon fibre and glass.


If your car is between washes and fingerprints or other light marks are ruining the perfect finish, this product is ideal. It is highly water repellant too so can be used on all surfaces after a wash to give a quick top coat of protection. It won't affect your wax, si02 shine sealant or polish either.


Perfect for whizzing over your car after driving it to a show, and it's fruity fragrance is amazing!!

Dynamic Quick Detailer

  • 500ml bottle
    Glossy & Highly Durable Finish
    Extremely Hydrophobic
    Fruity fragrance
    Use on Paintwork, Plastic, or Metal
    Use on Exterior or Interior