Squeaky Lee's Superior Whiteout Snowfoam is a professional quality, highly concentrated snowfoam that coats your car in a thick velvety blanket of foam as the most effective pre-washing treatment possible, to loosen dirt and grime, minimising the possiblity of paint swirling with washing.


This high-foaming product is PH neutral, extremely dense, clinging to dirt to remove it with ease.


Superior Whiteout Snowfoam is also wax safe, so it won't strip any finishes that you've applied either.


Dilute it at a ratio of 1:10 water in your snowfoam lance for a perfect pre-wash snowfoam treatment.


Kit deal - Save 10% when you add 500ml of Superior Shampoo too!

Superior Whiteout Snowfoam

  • 500ml bottle
    High Foaming Action
    Highly Concentrated
    PH Neutral
    Wax & Sealant Safe
    Effective Removal of Dirt & Grime