The perfect exterior plastic trim & bumper dressing! This gel formulation is easy to apply and swiftly restores plastic and rubber back to a rich black, leaving a beautiful, water resistant sheen.


Restoring and protecting exterior plastic, rubber and vinyl trim can be a demanding part of the detailing process. Nature is constantly attacking your car - UV rays and extreme heat can cause damage and discoloration, leaving the trim on any vehicle exposed to cracking and fading.


Without the proper protection, any plastic, rubber or vinyl trim can fade giving a dry and weathered appearance. Exterior trim is a critical part of any vehicle's appearance and requires protection to stay looking it's best. Squeaky Lee's Exterior Plastic Dressing is the perfect solution to restoring and protecting the factory (or in some cases, better than factory!) appearance of your vehicle.


Exterior Plastic Trim Dressing

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  • 500ml bottle
    Deep Factory Gloss
    Fully Waterproof Finish
    Protects Against Dust, Traffic Film & Pollution
    Restores Dull Plastic Surfaces