Just from normal, everyday use, your car is under constant attack from airborne contaminants - including acid rain.

Even with a good cleaning regime, your cars paintwork and wheels will dull from the tiny particles of iron that form over time.

The active formulation of Squeaky Lee’s Iron Fallout Remover, turns purple as it reacts with these iron particles to safely loosen them, ready to be easily rinsed away.


It's PH Neutral formula is wax friendly too, so it is an excellent deep cleaning companion!


Complete your wash with this amazing product, followed by a coat of our Ceramic Shine Sealant for the perfect showroom shine!

Iron Fallout Remover

  • Powerful on Iron Contamination
    PH Balanced
    Safely Removes Iron from Paintwork & Wheels
    Dissolves Brake Dust
    Colour-change Technology