Your car is under constant attack from airbourne and waterborne contamination, road grime and acid rain among others. This will, over time cause dulling of paintwork, or even worse promote rust to form.


Combining our citrus pre-wash before every wash, and using our Iron Fallout remover after washing will remove this build up effectively, ensuring your paintwork is free from contamination.

Citrus Pre-Wash is a highly effective pre-wash cleaner that is gentle on waxes. Its citrus based formulation de-greases and cleans in one application. Simply Spray and wait a couple of minutes before rinsing off to help make caring for your car a breeze!

Iron Fallout ​​​​Remover has an active formulation which turns purple as it reacts with iron particles to safely loosen them, ready to be easily rinsed away. It's PH Neutral formula is wax friendly too, so it is an excellent deep cleaning companion!

Complete your decontamination wash with a coat of our Ceramic Shine Sealant for the perfect showroom shine!

The Decontamination Duo

£16.85 Regular Price
£15.17Sale Price
  • Gentle on Waxes & Sealants
    De-Greasing Power
    Removes Flies, Traffic Film & General Dirt
    Removes iron contamination
    Helps to keep paintwork smooth and contamination free
    Two 500ml bottles