Squeaky Lee's Wash 'n Wax kit gives you two fantasic products which will leave your car looking waxed and glossy.


500ml Superior Jelly Bean Shampoo

Superior Shampoo provides exceptional lubricity and luxurious foam, which when used in combination with a wash mitt provides a safe method of cleaning general dirt and grime from your paintwork.


500ml Carnauba Spray Wax

Squeaky Lee's Carnauba Spray Wax is the ultimate product to finish your paintwork. It leaves a high gloss, deep wet look shine with ease.


Carnauba wax infusion means that you benefit from up to date chemical technology, combined with a traditional wax coating. For decades, Carnauba wax has been the go-to product for the best possible finish for paintwork, and when you try this product, you will see why.


Hassle free application too, the spray can be applied to paintwork, plastic or metal and has a superb, non-smear formula.


Your car will look like you've spent hours waxing it, after about 10 minutes work!

Wash 'n Wax

£17.94 Regular Price
£16.15Sale Price
  • Shampoo:

    High Gloss Finish
    Highly Concentrated
    PH Neutral
    Wax & Sealant Safe
    Unprecedented Luxury Foam
    Safe Cleaning of Dirt & Grime


    Carnauba Spray Wax:

    500ml bottle
    High Gloss
    Deep Wet Look Shine
    Non-Smear Application
    Hydrophobic Finish
    Use on Paintwork, Plastic, or Metal
    Carnauba Infused Technology