Premium Microfibre Cloth 300gsm 


These warp knitted high polyamide content cloths are very soft and ideal for use on sensitive surfaces.


Perfect for all automotive jobs including interior and exterior uses.


Ideal for cleaning, drying, application of polishes, detailing sprays, shine sealant, rubber & plastic dressings. The list of uses is endless and this 40cm square cloth is perfect for them all!


No car detailer's kit is complete without a stack of these!

Premium Microfibre (40cm x 40cm)

  • Fantastic quality 300gsm weight fabric.

    Can be laundered over 500 times.

    Can be tumble dried, in fact it is beneficial as it ‘opens’ the fibres up.

    Fabric softener can be used, however, this will reduce the cloths effectiveness when used dry.